Monday, April 6, 2015

Wolfcop (All Bark and a Little Bite)

Score: 5 Out Of 10

          I am a pretty big fan of werewolf movies. The problem is that for all the films I have seen from this genre, there are very few good ones. So whenever I come across a new movie I get a little excited thinking there is a chance I could have found another good werewolf movie. "Wolfcop (2014)" was written and directed by Lowell Dean and stars Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio and Sarah Lind. The movie is about an alcoholic police officer who is transformed into a werewolf while investigating a string of bizarre events and uses his new found wolfiness to better solve crimes. By the way, no, this film will not be added to my list of good werewolf movies. The dialogue is awkward and there are too many moments where the acting just becomes laughable. Another problem is that the longer the film goes on the more convoluted the story gets. By the end  of the film I was getting confused over who was who and what was what. Do not misunderstand me, Normally I like a film that requires thought, but this was just plain confusing.

      A big thing I always look forward to in a film like this is the transformation scene. I am happy to report this film features mostly practical effects and the end result is a pretty good (and gory) transformation. My only complaint about it is that the first thing we see transform is the main characters' penis. I get that it was meant to be funny and shocking but my first thought was 'That was unnecessary.' That being said, if there is another thing that saves this movie and it is the humor. There were a few moments throughout where I was laughing for the right reasons, just not enough for me to really be able to recommend this movie to anyone. Hopefully the sequel (announced for 2016) will get it right, because I really do like the premise.

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