Monday, March 30, 2015

Arachnid (Giant Spiders Done Decent)

Score: 6 Out Of 10

          I really wanted to hate this movie. From the moment I saw the cover I thought, 'Great, another giant spider movie.' But by the end , I wound up with some mixed emotions. I did not completely fall in love with it, but I did find a lot of positives in this film. "Arachnid (2001)" was directed by Jack Sholder and stars Chris Potter, Alex Reid and Jose Sancho. The plot focuses on a group of explorers who go to a small village in Guam to investigate weird insect bites and soon come face to face with bizarre arachnids in various shapes and sizes. The acting is only so-so but there are some gems in there, one scene in particular where a man has been partially cocooned and his trying to explain his condition to the rest of the team. The writing is a little all over the place. Characters are irrational in one scene and completely together in the next. Overall what really saved this film for me was it's use of practical special effects.

         In 2001, CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) still was not that good looking, especially in low budget films. So the vast majority of the effects in this film rely on puppets and latex and paint and all that good stuff. The end result is genuinely creepy moments. I admit to getting itchy more than once while watching the movie. One scene I really enjoyed was a dream sequence where one character watches another transform into a man sized spider. So, in the end what we have is not a great film  but not really a bad film. If your in the mood for some creepy crawlies and can put up with some awkward digital effects and nonsensical writing, give this film a go.

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