Monday, April 27, 2015

Agency of Vengeance: Dark Rising

Score: 2 Out Of 10

          I am going to try something different. I watched a crappy Sy-Fy-channel-esque film and instead of holding to my own standard of what a good movie should or should not be, I am going review it compared to other films of it's caliber. "Agency Of Vengeance: Dark Rising" was written and directed by Andrew Cymek and stars Brigitte Kingsley, Landy Cannon and Julia Schneider. The movie is about a secret government agency whose goal is to protect people from monsters. Summer Vale is their top agent who is a mess after her fiance is killed by a giant monster on their wedding day, but she has to pull it together to stop the impending armageddon. Other than Michael Ironside, there is almost nothing about this movie I like. The story, dialogue and acting are all over the place. Also the special effects, which are terrible, are greatly overused. There is no reason for CGI blood when someone gets shot.
        But when you compare this film to others in the made in the same style (or with a similar budget), it is still really terrible. The film as a whole just feels completely phoned in. It is almost like they were not even trying to make a good movie. The fact that I swear I saw one of the main characters look at the camera more than a couple of times just highlights how bad it all was. To be fair, This is a sequel and I have not seen the first movie, but if this movie is this bad then I do not want to see the original. What really hurts about the whole thing is Michael Ironside. I love that guy. I love most of his movies and the fact that he is in this makes me worry. Is he broke? He could do so much better than this.

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