Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinocchio's Revenge (Not As Stupid As It Sounds)

Score: 7 Out Of 10

         It would be very easy to compare this film to other evil toy movies like "Puppet Master(1989)" or "Child's Play(1988),"  but to be honest, once I started watching the movie those other flicks did not cross my mind. Here is another shocker, this film is actually better than those movies. "Pinocchio's Revenge" was directed by Kevin Tenney (who also directed "Night of the Demons(1988)"). It stars Candice McKenzie, Rosalind Allen and Brittany Alyse Smith. Also, and I do not know why I am so amused by this, but, Vern Troyer as Pinocchio. The movie is about a defense attorney who brings home a piece of evidence (the puppet). Later her boyfriend mistakenly gives it to her daughter as a birthday present and it is not long before creepy things start happening. I know the plot sounds weak, but that is all I can really tell you with out giving away spoilers.

       So the movie has some pretty fun scenes, most of the death scenes are pretty good and there is a really good twist at the end of the movie. The surprising part is that this is actually a psychological thriller. It was not the silly campy horror film I expected and the ending did leave me thinking. Couple that with some pretty good performances, good directing and a solid script and the movie is a nice little surprise. The only thing that hurts this movie is the pacing. I spent too much time early on in the film wondering where it was going, but over all, I still enjoyed it. No, Really.

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