Monday, August 5, 2013

Hallowen Night (What Did I Just See?)

Score: 2 Out Of 10

       Do not be fooled by the first fifteen minutes of this film. It is not a rip-off of Rob Zombies remake of "Halloween." It was actually released about a year before. In fact it makes me some what suspicious of Mr. Zombies film. "Halloween Night" was directed by Mark Atkins and stars Derek Osedach, Rebekah Kochan and Scot Nery. The plot is about a killer who escapes from a psych ward and returns to his childhood home to wreak havoc on not-so-innocent party goers (that first part should sound familiar). No joke, the acting is bad, the dialogue is bad, the direction is bad, the special effects are bad and the writing is bad. There are a few good ideas in play here, but the film is so bad over all that it does not even seem worth it to acknowledge said good ideas... so I won't. One of the things that bothers me the most about this film is that if it was not for the horror elements, the film would have served as an at least half way decent drama (as a drama I would have given it at least a five out of ten).

      Unfortunately what we have here is a mess. The characters feel paper thin and relatively uninteresting and the villain himself is just all over the place. At one point he is beating people to death, then a few scenes later someone puts him in a headlock and he just completely takes it. The film makers try to make him in a couple of scenes seem sympathetic but even that completely fails. All of this leads up to a "twist ending" that just winds up being predictable and forgettable. An almost total waste of time.

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