Monday, January 26, 2015

Thale (Scandinavian Horror)

Score: 6 Out Of 10

          This movie has been on an off my radar for a while so I finally decided to sit down and watch it. "Thale (2012) was directed by Aleksander Nordas and stars Silje Reinamo, Erland Norvold and Jon Sigve Skard. The movie is about two men who are hired to clean up a crime scene and stumble upon a mythological creature. It is not long after the mystery of how the creature came to be begins to unravel. Honestly the film is not bad, but overall I felt it was to predictable. I kept guessing everything that was going to happen moments before it actually happened. Also, I had more fun reading the Scandinavian folk lore the film was inspired by than I actually did watching the movie. That is not to say that the film was bad, it was well acted, well scripted and well directed. One thing I found interesting was that through out the first half hour of the movie, the lighting kept moving from light to dark and back again. It made for a disorienting visual effect that really added to the suspense.

       Another thing I genuinely liked about this movie is that there is a nude woman featured through out the film. I know that sounds like a typical guy thing to say, but what I specifically liked is that the actress playing the role (Silje Reinamo) was not portrayed as being erotic. The nudity of that character actually played into the story in a logical way and was shot very tastefully. The only things that really bothered me here were the films pacing and the overall predictability of the film. Horror films are best when they have a lot of surprises in them and this one just lacked overall.

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