Monday, March 10, 2014

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (Part 2 Of 3)

Score: 5 Out Of 10

          The First "Wishmaster (1997)" is pretty good. It' funny and creepy. The special effects are pretty cool and there are plenty of fun cameos if you know your horror movies. The sequel is another story. "Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)" was directed by Jack Sholder (different director) and stars Andrew Divoff (same actor), Holly Fields and Chris Weber. The plot once again tells the story of an ancient Djinn once again released in our modern day society to grant evil versions of peoples wishes. This time his plan is to grant one thousand and one wishes so his race will inherit the Earth. The immediate problem with this movie is that the first act is essentially just one giant plot hole. After a botched art robbery and unwittingly unleashing the Wishmaster (who is now referring to himself as such, by the way), the main character is forced to leave her dying boyfriend behind. The Djinn grants the dying man his wish that he had never been born which leads to some pretty lame CGI effects. Then the main character spends the next half hour grieving over her dead boyfriend... who she should not remember... because he was never born...

      Some of the elements that made the first movie good are in play here. The acting is pretty solid (not Oscar worthy, of course, but solid) and I like that there seems to be less CGI in this movie than in its predecessor. Also close to the end there is a pretty cool magic rampage scene that is full of awesome homegrown special effects. But despite the high points, a lot of what made the first one cool just seems to be missing. There are no cameos worth mentioning and most of the humor behind it just left me rolling my eyes. Even the ending just seems like a watered down version of the first films ending. Just lame.

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