Friday, February 10, 2012

La Morte Vivante (The Living Dead Girl)

Score: 5 Out Of 10
           I'm no stranger to the films of director Jean Rollins. I've previously watched "Rape of the Vampire" and "Schoolgirl  Hitchhikers (that was before I started blogging, sorry)." That being said, this is the first time I watched one of his films and said, " Not Bad." "The Living Dead Girl" is about a girl who is brought back to life after two dimwits try to dump chemicals in a crypt. Suddenly there is a pretty lame earthquake and the environmental criminals are murdered by the moments-ago-revived female lead. Later she is discovered by a photographer and a former childhood friend and a conflict over what to do with her ensues. The movie stars Marina Pierro, Francoise Blanchard and Mike Marshal.

            The major problem with this film is the acting. The story wasn't bad. I actually like the mix of horror and drama, but the acting is all over the place. Almost everyone here gives a performance that's too over the top or just completely flat. The dialogue left a lot to be desired as well. On top of that, the movie is in French (that's not the bad part) and there are English subtitles, but even when characters are speaking English the subtitles are still there! Much worse than that, the English subtitles don't always match what the characters are saying leaving me to wonder if what I'm reading is really what the french actors are saying.

         On the plus side, this is a very beautiful film. The sets and scenery are very pretty and there is plenty of full-frontal-female-nudity and blood to keep an audience entertained. Overall, I'm still gonna have to say this one was kinda lame. The first half hour or so I just felt bored and the rest of the film was only entertaining because of an okay plot, some boobies and lots of blood. Once again, it wasn't bad, but it could have been much better.

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