Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mechete Maidens Unleashed! (It's a Documentary... No, Really!)

Score : 9 Out Of 10
     If you have ever been curious about the "Exploitation" sub-genre of b-movies or the Philippines involvement in these films or their impact on mainstream cinema or just want to see lots of boobs and violence and people discussing boobs and violence, this film is for you. Released in 2010 it features interviews with Jack Hill, Pam Grier, Roger Corman, Judy Brown, Sid Haig, Colleen Camp and Joe Dante, just to name a few. It also goes behind the scenes of films like "The Big Bird Cage," "TNT Jackson," "Savage Sisters" and "The Hot Box." Overall this is a wildly entertaining look at a much overlooked and ignored genre that has helped to fuel the careers of filmmakers like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. It also takes a hard look at the themes behind these movies and how they often reflected real life social and political issues.

          Another thing I really liked about this movie is that, like the movies it focuses on, it never really took it's self too seriously. Too many times have I found myself watching documentaries and thinking that the people behind it seem very pretentious. There was none of that with this one. The filmmakers here know they are touching what is often silly subject matter and don't seem to mind letting you know that. One more thing I have to mention is the pacing of this film. Being ADD (attention deficit disorder), it's very easy for movies to "lose" me if there is not enough action or excitement. That was not the case with "Maidens!" I was completely into it for the entire hour and twenty minutes it was playing. Incredible!

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After watching the trailer, it should be obvious why I didn't post this one to my youtube channel. Sorry guys!

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