Monday, March 16, 2015

The ABC's of Death 2

Score: 7 Out of 10

          I will start off by saying this film is actually leaps and bounds better than the first. It has more humor to it and there were a lot more good segments than bad ones this time around. "The ABC's of Death (2014)" is an anthology horror/suspense film. If you are not familiar, the premise is that twenty six different directors each made a short film (some of which are only a couple of minutes long) based on one word and then they are presented in alphabetical order. The result is a film like only one other thing you have seen before. A lot of the shorts are humorous, some are genuinely creepy or scary, and a couple made me even want to look away from the screen for all the right reasons. Also there were at least three shorts that I would not mind seeing as a full length feature ("C is for Capital Punishment," "I is for Inheritance," and "V is for Vacation"). Although, despite the vast majority of the shorts being pretty entertaining, there were some hiccups.  
       The couple of animated shorts were just weird and confusing. I really did just sit there after both and think 'What the fuck did I just see?' Even a couple of shorts seemed to be just weird for the sake of weird. Another few shorts had really bad special effects, as if the person(s) who worked on them just did not care at all. Overall, I would say that  I am impressed that a movie comprised of twenty six potential failures rolled up into one film had so few problems. The first one seemed like a real cluster-fuck with a lot garbage hiding the good content but this one seems to be just the opposite. And once again, I did have quite a bit of fun trying to guess what the word was going to be at the end of each short.

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