Monday, December 9, 2013

Little Witches (Softcore Horror)

Score: 3 Out Of 10

         In today's society, sex sells, and this movie is the exception that proves the rule. I have said time and time again that it does not matter how much sex and violence is in a movie, if the story is not there, then it is still garbage. "Little Witches (1996)" was directed by Jane Simpson and stars Mimi Rose (Who is credited as Mimi Reichmeister), Sheeri Rappaport and Jack Nance (the guy from Eraserhead... which was much better). The story is that a bunch of girls get rapped up in the occult and spooky things start happening. Yup. That's it. This film is an obvious attempt to cash in on the popularity of "The Craft," which was released the same year, but in my opinion, both films are pretty terrible (at least "Little Witches" is less offensive to people who practice alternative religions). The over all quality of the film is pretty bad. Some of the acting is there but most of it is pretty lame. Even the demon you see briefly at the end of the movie seemed like he was phoning it in. The dialogue kind of sucks and there is seemingly only one sensible person in the whole film. I know it is a B-movie, but is it to much to ask to get at least one character that kind of behaves like real a person?

        My main complaint about this film is the nudity. Normally I like nudity in movies, but honestly, it felt like it was just there to sell a movie that had no real substance. At least two nude scenes featured here had no context whatsoever. After each scene I just thought, "Why did they just show me that?" This is what happens when you rush to make a movie (it was shot in two weeks) simply to cash in on the popularity of another film. You just get garbage. I would rather see someone take that time and money and produce a film that tells a story the filmmaker feels really passionate about. Even if there was no nudity. Well... Maybe a little nudity... 

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